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How to request an energy label for an office building

In the Netherlands, effective from the first of January, 2023, all office buildings are required by law to have an energy label in category C or higher. From that date, it’s illegal to use offices that do not meet this standard. The regulation is a change to the 2012 Building Decree and applies to all offices measuring 100m2 or more. It includes offices that are part of a building as well as free-standing offices.

At this time, thousands of buildings in the Netherlands are not compliant. Since it takes time to implement energy-saving measures, we expect many property owners to run into difficulties nearer to the start of 2023. With about 20 months left to go, we recommend that you start upgrading your building as soon as possible. Let us explain how the process of upgrading the energy label of your building works!

What is an energy label for office buildings?

The energy label is an energy performance certificate. It indicates how energy efficient your building is. The rating varies from A to G, where G is the least energy efficient and A is the most energy efficient. Label C, the minimum requirement from January 1st 2023, means that the primary fossil energy use of the building may not exceed 225 kWh per m2 per year. It is mandatory to provide an energy label when you sell your building or when a new tenant rents office space in your building. Fines for not having an energy label when selling or letting a building can be up to €20,250. If you own a public building of 250m2 or more, the energy label needs to be clearly visible to visitors (for example near the front desk or at the entrance).

Exceptions to the new energy label for office buildings regulations

There are a few exceptions. The new regulation does not apply in the following situations:

  • The office space covers less than 50% of the total space in the building 
  • The total office space in the building is less than 100m2
  • The office building is listed as a ‘Rijksmonument’
  • The office building will be used for a period of max 2 years
  • The office building is being expropriated or bought under the ‘onteigeningswet’
  • The office building doesn’t use energy to regulate the indoor climate
  • The payback period for measures required to achieve energy label C is more than than 10 years.
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What is the current energy label of my building?

You can easily check the current energy label of your building on this website. Just enter the postal code and house number of the address in this format: 1234AA12. If no results turn up, it’s possible that no energy label has been requested for your building yet or that no information is currently available.

How do I request an energy label?

Only certified advisors can supply an energy label. The certified advisor will inspect your building and determine the current energy label. They will provide insight into the existent situation and will suggest energy-saving measures if needed. Recommended energy-saving measures for your property might include insulating roof and walls, replacing windows or installing a new heating system.

Cost efficient as well as energy efficient

What energy upgrades are needed depends on the current state of the building, of course. But we strongly recommend being cost-efficient when upgrading your building. The minimum energy label required is label C, so is it really necessary to implement label A upgrades? Or could a more economic solution be sufficient?

Implementing energy-saving measures

The energy label contains suggestions on improving the energy efficiency of your building. Depending on the building, energy upgrades can be quite labour intensive. Roofs, windows and/or heating systems might need insulating or replacing for example. That is why we recommend starting the process of improving your building sooner rather than later. The building trade in the Netherlands is in high demand, some builders have projects lined up until the middle of 2022 already.

Do you need help improving the energy label of your office building?

As a one-stop shop for your property, portfolio and project needs, Sky Real Estate is here to help! We know everything about real estate regulations in the Netherlands and our customers trust us to find the best suitable solutions for their properties. Our full-range services include energy label inspection and improvement. Our certified advisors can supply your energy label and advise on the best next steps. Apart from that, we can manage the complete renovation of your building with our reliable and experienced team of contractors. You won’t have to worry about a thing while we manage the project and get your building ready for the future!

Contact us for more information about your energy label!