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Property maintenance

our property, our responsibility

Sky Real Estate offers high end maintenance services its clients who hold property within the Dutch market. In order to maintain value and income from property buildings need regular maintenance. This can consist out of daily maintenances to construction work.

Next to the regular maintenance work we also cover larger projects like building alterations, space re-purposing, renovations and other desired construction work.

Maintenance packages We provide different property maintenance packages and possibilities to our valued customers. Each is designed to help our clients keep their properties looking optimal and maintained proper and therefore generate the best financial return on your investment.

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Extended services

When we are hired to perform maintenance and/or construction activities, we do not limit our self to the assigned job. Since we are experts in the field of Dutch real estate investments market and property maintenance we always seek opportunities. During projects we general seek imperfections that can be improved in terms of the property itself and its usage. We aim on offering the best and most optimal usage of objects for our clients, and thus generating the highest potential return on investment.

Our staff and team of contractors is trained to spot opportunities for you as a valued client during maintenance and construction. When we see potentials we will always inform you how to take advantage.

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