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Upgrade your Energy Label

Insights, advice & practical support

Under new regulations, from 1 January 2023, office buildings from 100m2 need to have an energy label that is categorized as at least Energy Label C. Office buildings with lower energy labels can no longer be used.

Our Energy Label experts inspect your building, provide insight into the current situation and will suggest energy-saving measures if needed. Of course, our team of contractors can help you with implementing these energy-saving measures and getting your building ready for the future.
Our Energy Label Service:​
  • Free consultation
  • Insight into the current Energy Label of your building
  • Suggestions for upgrading your building
  • Help with implementing energy-saving measures
Our licensed Energy Label experts are certified by the government. Since future-proofing your building takes time, we recommend requesting your energy label with Sky Real Estate today!
Are you ready for the new regulations?