Sky Real Estate

We are SKY

We are Sky, nice to meet you!

Sky Real Estate was established in 2012. After a rapid growth, in the beginning of 2016 our VOF transformed to a B.V. The reason for the quick growth of our company is that we answer an urgent need in the market. There is a high demand for a one-stop shop like ours, where property owners and project developers can find everything they need for their property, portfolio and/or project.

A deep understanding of all aspects of real estate

Our team is multi-disciplinary, with many qualities and a deep understanding of the different aspects of real estate. Apart from that we prefer the “hands on” approach. Customer service is our top priority and we care about property the way the owners care about it. Our full-range facility services have been specifically designed to cater to present-day business needs. That way, our clients can zero in on their core activities.

Make facility maintenance and management easy

Our main goal at Sky Real Estate is to make facility maintenance and management easier for large varieties of companies. To support that goal we provide innovative tools. With a team of trusty contractors and highly skilled professionals who have lived and worked all over the world, and know the ins and outs of the industry by heart, we bring a wealth of experience capable of turning any wish or dream into a reality.

Multi-tenant buildings like WeWork and Mindspace like to use our services. Apart from that we work for premium clients like Adidas, and Airbnb and for investment groups like TAI Investment, Green Management, MK Management, ERG Development.