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Green management – Importance of sustainability

In today’s society, sustainability plays an increasingly important role. Climate change has an increasing effect on our daily lives. We see the temperatures rise, causing the earth to warm up slowly. The summers get wetter and the rain showers become more intense. In addition, the scarcity of raw materials is increasingly becoming a topic in the news. With a sustainable and pragmatic vision, buildings can be healthier, more attractive, inspiring, energy-efficient and profitable. A clear and fresh perspective on a building.

A green vision on real estate!

Households usually consume a lot of electricity and gas. Especially during the colder months this consumption reaches its peak. Any effort to reduce consumption will contribute to overall urban consumption. We believe that sustainability in real estate is the future. Cities are becoming increasingly densely populated and traditional sources of energy are being exhausted. We see it as our mission to develop a sustainable way of living through sustainable available energy sources, existing resources and spaces.

Our role

There are different angles how Sky Real Estate is trying to make a difference. Every property that is being managed by us is being utilised as sustainable as possible. Every possible area is in use and we have a high focus on property efficiency. We spot inefficient buildings and draw up plans to increase the sustainability. Newly acquired properties are renovated in the most sustainable way possible, together with adapting profitable green energy solutions.

Our main goal is to advice and establish healthy buildings that are sustainable and that can function as multipurpose equities, where living and working come together in one building. Where possible we aim on creating energy neutral objects, which also will become the standard in the larger cities in the Netherlands for office buildings.

Improved energy performance also results in lower energy bills, more comfort, lower environmental impact, a healthier indoor climate and lower energy costs.

New living concept

In recent years we have established a unique concept where working and living is combined within one property. It is a rising trend to work from homes. In terms of environmental sustainability this arise the opportunity in decrease energy usage whereas only one property will be used constantly, instead of having to maintain two properties. The focus is on transformation projects that are converted into our “New living concept” through construction and renovation work. The concept is sustainable in essence because of the diminish of maintaining and powering multiple locations, thus decreasing the environmental footprint.

Think globally, act locally

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