Renovation expertise

Renovation by experts

Sky Real Estate is specialised in offering foreign investors the opportunity to invest in Dutch properties. During our operations we have renovated numerous different properties like apartments, residential houses, office buildings, combined properties and monumental buildings within the Netherlands. With Sky Real Estate you get a creative and involved partner in the field of renovation, transformations and restorations. We renovate, restore and maintain property throughout the entire Netherlands.

You are at the right address for future projects as well as continuous development. We have many years’ of experience in renovating and re-purposing objects.

We have a unique network of contractors and field experts that can conduct all requested renovation and construction. Our architect partner has more than 15 years’ experience in architectural design, with many famous buildings in the portfolio.

Since we are operating as a one stop shop for our clients we have gained a lot of experience in handling legal arrangements and getting the right permits. Next to our renovation expertise we can also arrange all necessary legal requirements.

Feel free to contact us to discover how we can be of great added value to your upcoming renovation plans.

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