Our services

The services provided by Sky Real Estate arose from our extensive cooperation with our investors. Next to our profound investment solutions we offer additional services to accommodate with the real estate investments. We offer project management and maintenance services and we manage and arrange renovations. Our services are applicable to both office buildings as residences.

Project management

We function as a one stop shop for foreign investors. We have many years of experience within the Dutch real estate market. As experts our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you as investor to invest in the Netherlands. Our project management service entails, investment goals setting, planning, object search, financing, architectural planning, permits and legal arrangements, construction and renovation management and arranging property sales or tendency filling.

Property maintenance

Sky Real Estate offers high end maintenance services its clients that invested in property within the Netherlands. All buildings need regular maintenance. On short bases this entails daily/weekly maintenance tasks like fixing small issues within the building and it’s interior. Examples are fixing light bulbs, making sure that all equipment is functioning proper (like elevators, heating and cooling systems issues etc.)

Next to the regular maintenance work we also cover larger projects like building alterations, space re-purposing, renovations and other desired construction work.

Renovation expertise

Sky Real Estate is specialised in offering foreign investors the opportunity to invest in Dutch properties. During our operations we have renovated numerous different properties like apartments, residential houses, office buildings, combined properties and monumental buildings within the Netherlands. With Sky Real Estate you get a creative and involved partner in the field of renovation, renovations, transformations and restorations. You are at the right address for future projects as well as continuous development.

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