Investment groups

Real estate investment groups

Real estate investment groups can be compared to a shared fund with the purpose of financing and maintaining, for example, properties for rent, or improving an existing asset and then selling it with profit. The additional benefit of a fund is that you become the owner without the hassle of being a landlord. If you are looking for Real estate investment opportunities without all the hassle, a Sky real estate investment group could be the solution for you.

Our approach and services

Sky Real Estate has extensive experience in the Dutch real estate market.

We currently manage various real estate investment groups – each investment group has its own goals and reasons for existence. Investment groups may differ in various aspects, such as:

  • Investment goals
  • Property targeting
  • Level of investor involvement
  • Number of investors
  • Investment capital
  • Additional requests

In general, the first step is creating investment goals. They are set up and mutually agreed upon by all the investors involved. The investment plan states the investment goals, terms and desired return. In this stage the total investment value is known and the goals are set.

With a clear agenda, Sky Real Estate scans the market and searches  for the best suitable properties. In most cases we schedule a onetime meeting, together with the investors, to visit the properties and to handle administrative paperwork. After the property has been located we handle the financial aspect and negotiations on the investors’ behalf, along with the architectural planning, legal documentation and permits arrangements.

We conduct the construction and renovation work with a highly skilled team of contractors.

According to the financial goals of the investment group, Sky Real Estate takes the responsibility of handling all activities concerning the properties.

Additional advantages

A single investor can own one or more units of self-contained living space. Sky Real Estate manages all the units, taking care of maintenance, advertising vacant units and interviewing tenants.

In addition, Sky Real Estate can actively participate in the investment group by joining as an investor, aligning our interests with yours. Combining the acquirement of great assets, potential improvements in value and rent, along with maximum profit for all parties.

Our research is not limited to Amsterdam nor only to residential buildings. We run investments in neighboring cities such as Amstelveen and Harlem, and other major cities like Rotterdam. We also have a range of initiatives; from purchasing office buildings, to running day to day operations for other foreign investors.

This is our story and this is what we love doing. We believe you will find us good partners, with the enthusiasm you need and the right passion to achieve success in the Netherlands!

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