About Us

We are an independent property management and real estate company dedicated to make a difference.

The team at Sky Real Estate is more than just real estate agents looking for a property to flip. We are a dedicated team of truly passionate property professionals who understand our clients’ needs and wants.

We have many years of experience in the Dutch real estate market, which gives us an advantage in spotting the best and most unique opportunities. The Dutch real estate market is constantly developing, meaning there are many incredible opportunities for local and foreign investors. We offer foreign investors the opportunity to participate in this increasingly valuable market. We know the Dutch real estate market by heart. Therefore, we know the challenging road that lay in front of each project. Our extensive experience with the market and its various legal aspects has made it possible to offer unique real estate opportunities that may seem impossible at first.

One Stop Shop
Sky Real Estate is the best partner for foreign investors because we offer a unique one-stop-shop solution. We guide and take care of nearly every step of the project. Our services begin with an investment plan, in which we decide on the investment goals. From here on we will arrange and manage your entire project; search for a property, deal with financing, construction, permits, architectural planning, up until arranging renters or new buyers.
At Sky Real Estate we understand that Real Estate is about real people who want real results.

We believe in integrity and commonsense, and we provide results and satisfied customers. We are down to earth, hardworking, straight-talking professionals. Together with our team and a wide range of the best contractors we can turn any real estate investment dream into a reality.

Sky Real Estate, where it really is all about you.

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